Friday, September 01, 2006

Sammy Flatcap

This is one of Joe's characters. I liked him so much that I figured I would take a stab at him. Some of the personality and charm of Joe's original sketch was lost in translation...but I kind of expected that. Anyway...what do you think?


Adam said...

What a scoop!!!

this drawing still has tons of personality. you and joe are both great at design.

and i think - you should do a film together :)

I'd pay $12 plus popcorn to see it.

R.Dress said...

Hey Corn Bread.

I would lower the pad away from his other arm to make it read better. U heard!!!

Kanokadafi said...

Yo, keep grindin at the drawing board kid. Hollur!!!

TnEcNiV said...

danny hynes its vinny scala...nice blog man..we gotta get together soon :)

Anonymous said...