Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Unfinished Film...(it'll probably stay that way)

So I've been super busy lately...but I wanted to post something. This is the pre production work on a short that I was going to do about a month ago. The idea was to tell a story in 3 shots. I'll probably do more of these...it was a great exercise. I'm working on a new film now though...which has waaay more than 3 shots...so this is obviously on the back burner.


Joe Cappabianca said...

Noooo dude, do whatever you can, I love this, one day you'll wrap it up. Awesome Backgrounds!

R.Dress said...

Yeah really cool BGs Danny. I like your thumbnails of the bug. Splat!

Said Omar Eshaq said...

Yeah great Bgs and I love the character!